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Urban Outfitters 
Ad Campaign 



Use your selected creative brief and concept banner ads, a rich media ad, and a landing page for your selected client.


Urban Outfitters has seen a decline in overall sales because of the COVID-19 pandemic closing their retail stores. Our goal is to advertise online shopping for home decor because a vast majority of Urban Outfitter’s target audience is spending their days in their rooms or apartments. 

Many people have been stuck at home and have had more time to focus on things like home projects. Additionally, feeling comfortable and loving your space makes you want to stay home more often.

Urban Outfitter's caters to their audience by offering the products they love. Their ability to curate and deliver the cool/funky/modern products their consumers are looking for is what keeps them relevant and unique. By anticipating their customers’ needs, they are able to produce unique pieces that are harder to find in other stores.

This statement is supported by the Urban Renewal line which repurposes fabrics from a wide variety of sources so that the company operates in a more eco-friendly fashion. Almost everything in the renewal line is vintage, remade, or recycled giving old pieces a fresh and young feel. 

Banner Ads

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Landing Page 

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