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Glossier Poster 



Design a cross-promotional piece of advertising that includes a print and video component. This project will promote an event, organization, or cause. Utilize the app called Artivive, an augmented reality platform, to connect the print and motion pieces


Glossier is a skincare-focused beauty brand that offers products with a realistic routine in mind. Glossier sells skincare, makeup, body care, and fragrance at a mid-range price that is well thought out in both ingredients and aesthetics.

The primary purpose of these posters is to launch a new pop-up store in San Francisco. The campaign would be enhanced with the use of motion graphics in a poster format. These could then be used around the city in various locations to draw consumers to the store’s location and reveal new promotional products. The end goal is to create “hype” around the new store and get consumers engaged with the brand. 

Glossier Poster Design
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