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Althea Skin


GDES U.S.A  Packaging Design Awards Winner 2021


Exhibited in 2020 Auburn University Graphic Design Juried Show

Published in Auburn Circle Literary Arts Magazine


Create an identity and packaging suite encompassing a variety of products and package sizes for a company of your creation.



Althea is a plant-based skincare company that serves to promote natural beauty by focusing on using quality ingredients that are sourced responsibly. Althea, derived from the Greek word, Alþea, means “healing” or “healing power” and draws back to the pure and ethereal beauty of Greek Goddesses. Althea is launching their first collection of products that are tailored to everyday skincare needs. 


Althea’s ideal audience is the typical Gen-Z to a millennial that is looking for clean and simple skincare products. The ideal customer would be in their early to late twenties and have not only an eye for skincare ingredients but also aesthetics. 


Althea’s main competition would be trendy companies such as Glossier but also affordable yet science-based companies such as The Ordinary. Althea’s goal is to put an aesthetic twist on the science of skincare by basing the company off on Greek Goddesses. 

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